Torres e Domos

Patagonia, 2019

Those who know Patagonia or already hear about it, know the fame of their winds and the variation of temperature in a short time. Its atmospheric dynamics is to move with the senses of the body as if it wanted to impose all its power so that it is never forgotten.

Over this territory, with a look at the future that identifies us with Amyr, we made a peculiar journey to one of the most interesting scenarios in the world. It was ten days in a low impact immersion in the heart of Torres del Paine.

There, we also discovered how EcoCamp Patagonia’s sustainability logic, an award-winning and forerunner eco-luxury, has transformed its surroundings, influencing visitors, local life and protecting the most inhospitable landscapes in this region, capable of sensitizing any traveler.


TEXT Lila Guimarães
PHOTOS Victor Affaro


Atlantic Forest

Once again, now out of our imagination, Bahia gives an almost fictional tone to this encounter.

Sacred eyes

While I try to figure out the world with the cool of a traveler, a chemical jolt seizes me for no reason.