Our stories reflects the transitory nature of travel, and gives us an anchor on what we know about ourselves and how we deal with so many realities.

As a result, we expect to bring new understandings of the world around us and beyond us, stimulating curiosity and respect.

Torres e Domos

We found out how sustainability logic of an ecolodge in the Chilean Patagonia has transformed its surroundings and is protecting the most inhospitable landscapes of this region.

Atlantic Forest

Once again, now out of our imagination, Bahia gives an almost fictional tone to this encounter.

Sacred eyes

While I try to figure out the world with the cool of a traveler, a chemical jolt seizes me for no reason.

Arid infinite

On the road, real life may seem suspended, but we are in constant motion.

Deep rivers
Brazilian Amazon

We are in the Northwestern Amazon, in the upper Rio Negro. Departing from Manaus, it is a 4-day trip on boats and winds that carry messages.