Atlantic Forest

Amma, 2016

Warm climate and right humidity, nothing in this territory is relative. Therefore, it can be said that we are facing one of the greatest Brazilian jewels, the Atlantic Forest. From it, life springs strong, diverse and already promised, like the cocoa that has most of its destiny already defined: the chocolate in infinite versions for paladares of the whole world.

Once again, now out of our imagination, Bahia gives an almost fictional tone to this encounter. Perhaps because of the abundant beauty scenario or the ritualistic way in which the processes are performed there, in this ingenious transformation of one of its most valuable raw materials into the purest and most awarded chocolate in Brazil.

In the farm of Diego Badaró, creator and partner of the brand AMMA Chocolates, also circulate characters with essential functions in this story. They are all profoundly acquainted with the magic of AMMA’s nourishment and the agents who inspire every approach to the products designed there.

With hands and feet constantly on the ground, we gain other layers of sensitivity and a sense of the wealth behind the packaging, the recipes that earn gourmet status and everything else. What remains, at the end of days immersed in the fertility that surrounds the entire production of the farm, is a pure taste of Brazil, as an elixir of life and power.

TEXT Lila Guimarães
PHOTOS Victor Affaro


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