Arid infinite

Arizona, 2016

No matter the speed, how far we go and what we leave behind. On the road, real life may seem suspended, but we are in constant motion. The mystery multiplies in the rearview mirror, perhaps everything is a mirage of deserts in the American Midwest or just the memories and aspirations of a traveler.

The eye in this arid landscape confuses what is before and after. Even so, we are always at some point where another journey begins, with the soundtrack of your own road movie. A film we have not yet seen, passed in the void between the rocky sculptures of Monument Valley, in a territory that serves for endless stories.

Again, the eyes tighten trying to draw the best path by themselves. In the effort to see what’s coming, a meditative breeze, a time out of the car’s trepidation, can help. Worth stretching your legs, walking through the sparse vegetation, feel the dry scent of the desert. Breathe.

We follow. With that same sensation that survives in the body of the navigators, the terra firma also leaves us a great legacy. The deep blue and ingenious forms on the Miles and thoughts of days of infinite background and internal engine hoots were the theme of this script, with no definite destination.

And what if we happen to go to the California coast? There must be some way out of this same sun, comrade who was, to be even more friendly and show us whether it is at the beginning or the end of the route. While through the window of the car life continues to pass in many frames per second and the feeling is absolute freedom.

TEXT Lila Guimar√£es
PHOTOS Victor Affaro


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